How do I drop off my key?


e you add your guest, he/she will receive an email containing a pin code. When you finish dropping off your key, your guest will receive an SMS message of the address of the location you dropped at. You can also inform them the address by adding ‘Note’ when adding your guest.

There are two versions of KeyHub. Your guest proceeds to a KeyHub locker and may either:

1. Tap on ‘Phone’ to enter your phone number registered. Please note it must be in the same form as the one you added your guest with. eg. +61450470283. To type a ‘+’, hold the shift button and press ‘+’.

2. Tap on ‘Password’ to enter the pin your guest received

3. Press ‘Pick up’

4. Choose the key

5. A door will open, place your key into it.

6. Close the door, press ‘I have closed the door’.


1. Press ‘Pick Up’

2. Enter phone number (exact the same as in the email) and the Access Pin

3. Choose the key

4. Pick up the key

5. Close the door, press ‘Confirm’.